iMTS Utility

The iMTS Utility is both PC and Mac compatible and is used to create the mobile/distance learning modules and is intuitive and easy to use.

The utility provides the ability to:

  • Create the navigation structure
  • Add custom icons
  • Insert or delete modules
  • Insert or delete slides
  • Format text including:  font size, font color, font styles and html links
  • Insert or delete PDF documents, Graphics, Movies or Animation

Note:  Animations and movies must be in the iOS format (m4v).

Page options include:

  • Image and text
  • Video and text
  • PDF
  • Image only
  • Video only
  • Text only

Files exported with the iMTS PPT Plug-in are instantly recognized by the iMTS Utility, with each slide and instructor notes already pre-loaded into the iMTS Utility.  The instructor notes may be further modified using the inherent tools available with-in the iMTS Utility.

iMTS Utility iOS Application

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