Download the iMTS Sync.

Note:  Ensure the correct versions is downloaded (PC or Mac).

Extract the iMTS Sync from the zip file.
Double-Click on the setup.exe file to install the program (PC).
After installation, open the iMTS Sync program.

Note:  Ensure the computer and iOS device is on the same WiFi network.

Select the file navigation button and navigate to the location of the eumconfig.xml file created by the iMTS Utility.



After selecting the eumconfig.xml file, select Open.



Ensuring the file path is correct,  select the Listen for iMTS Syncs button.



On the iOS device, open the iMTS App and select Add iMTS Pack (iPad) or the Options Tab (iPhone / iTouch device).

Note:  If using the iPad in portrait mode – tap the notebook icon to view the menu options.

Note:  It is possible to ’sync’ multiple devices at one time.  Allowing an instructor or moderator to disseminate information to multiple devices at the same network.


Select the Local Sync button and then select Start Load button.

Note:  Selecting the Web Sync button will connect you to the iMTS App. server where it is possible to view / download sample modules.  Contact us for information about setting up your own server for iMTS interaction.


You will now see the wireless transfer of information in the iMTS application pop-up window.


Once the transfer is complete, the iMTS application is loaded with the selected information.

Note:  It is recommended the iMTS application is closed and restarted prior to viewing the information.

In the iMTS Sync program select the Stop Listening for iMTS sync to complete the process.



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