iMTS Utility – Creating a New Module


Navigation Structure


In the iMTS Utility, select the MTS Utility menu, and select Choose MTS Base Folder.



Navigate to the location for the new data.
Select the Make New Folder Button.
Type the name of the folder and then select OK.



Create the folder menu structure.

To create a navigation folder, select the Add Nav. Folder button.


In the Pop-Up Window, type the module’s title and then select OK.



Repeat the process as required.



Within each ‘module’ folder create additional folders or ‘unit” lessons as required using the Add Nav. Folder button or the Add Unit button.


Note:  Ensure the correct folder is selected prior to selecting the Add Nav. Folder or Add Unit button.



An example screenshot of a populated navigation structure.

Hint:  Place sequential numbers prior to the module or unit name to aide ordering of the items.


Note the ‘module’ folders nested in other ‘module’ folders.


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