iMTS Utility – Inserting Content


Inserting  Content


Select the ‘unit’ lesson that will contain the content.
Then select the Slides Tab in the iMTS-Editor.



Select the Load media… button to load an image into the ’slide’ (teaching point).

Note:  If no media is loaded, the text will occupy the whole screen when viewed on the iOS device.



Type the required text in the text field.
Use the text tools to format the text as required.


Note:  If copying text from another application, the text associated with each slide may contain non-ASCII text.  If the associated text contains non-ASCII text, the information may display incorrectly in the iMTS application.  If this situation occurs, use the Filter Non-ASCII button in the MTS editor for each affected ’slide’.  Filtering the non-ASCII text will remove the offending characters.


Select the Insert button to add a new ’slide’ (teaching point).


Repeat the above steps to insert new data.


Select the Save Changes* button save all edits.



Additional Information


Video – It is possible to insert video into the iMTS navigation structure.

Select an audio/video file instead of selecting an image when inserting a media file into the ’slide’ (teaching point).


It also possible to insert a ‘transcript’ of the video into the text field, however the user will not be able to view the transcript if video playback is full screen.


PDF – It is possible to insert a PDF into the iMTS navigation structure.

Note:  It is recommended the PDF is converted to a web quality size prior to associating the file.

Select a PDF file instead of selecting an image when inserting a media file into the ’slide’ (teaching point).


The PDF can contain any number of pages.  The user will be able to ’scroll’ the pages.


Custom Icons – Within the iMTS Utility it is possible to select another icon that will be displayed in the iMTS app.

In the iMTS Utility, select the MTS Utility menu, and select Configure Icons.




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